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Therapeutic Touch

"To have understanding you must have total awareness of the inner Self at all times."


My touch includes a unique combination of Energy based healing which operates on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. THERAPEUTIC TOUCH HEALING is a wonderful soothing form of "hands-on" and "hands-off" body work. It promotes balance of blocked life force energy at the cellular level where true healing beings.
"Every cell has full consciousness and is a storehouse of past and present data within our body. Cells are the body's equivalent of a computer memory bank. The memory of each cell is reincarnated into every new cell that is formed, until the memory is changed, because memory outlives matter"

                      from Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra

With memory comes consciousness. Remembering is getting back in TOUCH with a part of yourself.

It works by opening the chakras which are energy centers of the body. A variety of techniques are used to restore your energy flow.

I offer THERAPEUTIC TOUCH in private sessions at my studio. The introductory session includes an initial interview where you receive a personal history assessment, goal setting and an explanation of your personal therapeutic touch process, which varies according to your needs. 


The first session takes approximately one and a half hours. 
One hour sessions follow for 8 to 10 times depending on your needs.

Each session at my office costs $65, or at your home $80.

Call me at (303) 444-5583 to discuss your therapeutic touch needs.


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